• 15 minute installation

  • Simple mechanical fit

  • Ultra-strong support

  • Pre-primed, ready-to-tile

  • Adjustable width, height, depth

  • Tile thickness setting

  • Modular, easy handling

  • Comprehensive kit

Stopwatch 15 mins.png

The T-Panel can be fitted in less than 15 minutes.  The optional end-panel can be added in less than 6 minutes.

The panel is pre-treated with a high quality primer, so tiling can be carried out immediately.

The panel can be adjusted to fit baths of different lengths and depths.  Also, the height can be adjusted to compensate for an uneven floor.

The fixing system allows tiles of different thicknesses to be accurately and evenly fixed flush to, or proud of, the edge of the bath rim.

The structural properties of the panel are such that it will withstand a significant weight applied to the rim of the bath, without any deflection.


The panel has been tested to 200kg load at any position on the rim of the bath.